Untitled WIP #1

This has the shape of a song and most of its parts. I still have some stuff I’d like to do: re-record some of the guitar; change up the second verse; figure out some lighter background instrumentation; maybe add a few drum fills, etc. But if I don’t share stuff in progress, it often will never get to the point where I think it’s complete, so here we are!

I started making this as a way to get used to my new MIDI controller:

It’s a neat little unit that fits on my desk and is built to integrate with Ableton. I’d only ever briefly touched Ableton previously but I have never fully married to any particular DAW, so I figured I’d give it a proper go. Working with a MIDI controller at all (opposed to manually transcribing notes) has been a dream, and I can tell that when I start getting into more of the advanced integrations it’ll just keep getting better.

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